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Abundant knowledge and comprehensive networks for industrial study specialized in emerging markets

Our industrial study method in China, India and Southeast Asia requires a completely different approach from Japan and other developed countries. It is only possible to get an accurate view of the industry by using our customized and unique study methods. SDI enables you to get high quality industrial understanding with it’s own accumulated experience and over 300 partners in emerging countries.

Benchmark Research : Competitor (for competitions and partners)

This research involves the study of specific companies’ business strategies, organization, development, and management. This ensures an understanding of the position of competitors or potential business partners.

Market/ Industry Research

This research aims to for an overview of the market/industry and the details of specific goods and services, market size, company shares, and related trends. We have the capability to conduct studies into many types of industries such as B2B or B2C.

Marketability Research

This research of evaluates the marketability of existing domestic products and services.

We also support companies who have already entered their products and services in the markets of specific countries.

Distribution Channel Research

This research is designed to gain an understanding of the specific goods and services from production to sales .This research improves your company’s strategic planning and operation by uncovering your competitor’s entire distribution channel. In China and some other countries, it is more important to understand rebate structures than distribution channel structures, and this is emphasized in such cases

Foreign Company Restriction Research

This research is designed to understand laws for restricting foreign capital to help you enter new markets in emerging countries. It is often the case that the law and regulation themselves are not very well established, although China has a somewhat better condition compared to many other countries. We provide letters with opinions from local lawyers, and case studies from other countries. We can also conduct research on other local laws.

Credit research

This is research designed to gain an understanding a specific company’s overseas credit information. We can provide you data related to stockholder structure, finances, certified copies of register, approval certificates, and so on. More information is available in overseas company credit research. ・Foreign company credit research For risk hedges involving foreign companies, we recommend our foreign company credit research. Even in the event that a claim does occur, we also provide an overseas credit claim recovery service.

・Overseas credit clam recovery service

Listing -Up Service

Our listing-up service provides you with both long and short lists. We can provide lists of customer candidates, distributor candidates, investment/buying-over candidates, as well as competitor candidate. After research, we also provide you services such as the setting up of appointments with other companies, companion visits, tie-up proposals, operating activities etc..


We can provide you a various types of research with our many networks and rich experience.


We have a proven track record with major companies, think tanks, global strategic consulting firms, government bodies, and municipal offices.

Price and delivery

It will depend on the research method, sample numbers and your delivery request. First we would like to understand your purpose of research, conditions and budgets, then we provide you with a best suggestion.


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