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Our marketing service can provide a significant impact on your market share in emerging countries.

We provide you with a marketing service based on our expert research that will help your business grow in emerging countries. With the information we obtain, we will propose the most suitable strategy for business growth.

In many countries and regions, we can also support expansion into the market with the cooperation of local advertising agencies and promotion companies.

Target countries and regions

China, India, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, Brazil and others

※ With marketing and promotion services, in some countries, certain kinds of material cannot be accepted. Please be aware of this beforehand. If you would like more information please ask us.

Marketing/Promotion menu

Direct Marketing (One to One)

Our direct marketing method involves the work of local call centers and the use of our original database constructed through various research projects. With direct marketing, we are able to establish proven promotions through telephone marketing, direct mail, email, FAX and other various method. We cover both B2B and B2C markets. If you would like more information please ask us.

Pinpoint Marketing

In each country and region, effective promotion methods vary greatly. With our profound understanding of emerging markets, we can provide you the best marketing solution. To make the most effective promotion possible in emerging countries, we manage your overall project with the use of local advertising agencies and promotion companies. We are able to research in both B2B and B2C markets. If you would like more information please ask us. Even if you invest a lot of money in promotion and marketing, it is meaningless if you can not recover the cost of goods. In SDI, we provide you with an overseas credit claim recovery service, employing our knowledge of the inner-workings of emerging countries. If you would like more information please check foreign credit claim recovery service.

・Information on our foreign credit claim recovery service


Our marketing research is based on the techniques with which we most excel. Marketing and promotion in emerging countries that are opaque in every field are achieved only if area-focused and locally-oriented data is available. In such markets, the straightforward methods and techniques that work in developed countries are not always applicable. Since emerging markets are our focus, we are able provide you high quality marketing service.

After market research, we also help you by providing advice regarding local expansion, local selling, and other various solutions at your request.

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